For many in the Albuquerque metro area, especially in older homes and in larger homes, radiant heat and hydronic heat are common heating set-ups. And as you may know, these systems of heating a home are powered by a boiler. But like any appliance in your home, boilers need repair, maintenance, and replacement from time to time. And there are a few common pain points we see. One common complaint we hear is that people say they can hear the water in their pipes. Another problem we come across with homes that have both radiant heat and baseboard heat is that the systems aren’t working well together. Thankfully our experienced team knows how to tackle these common problems and more.

Albuquerque Boiler Repair You Can Trust

One thing that truly sets us apart from our competitors is how well we know the city and surrounding villages. We know the piping different builders used in which eras. And when we hear some of these common complaints, we know the real issue isn’t usually the boiler itself, but with the pipes and other factors. For example, when people complain about being able to hear the water moving in their radiant heating system, we know the real problem is with air getting into the pipes. We know how to troubleshoot where the air is coming from—whether that’s through the pipes or the boiler itself, and we know how to fix it.

Another thing our experts can tell you if you feel like you aren’t getting adequate heat from your boiler is to separate the water lines if your home has both radiant heat and baseboard heat. This is because the water temperature used for radiant heat needs to be a bit lower than baseboard heat or else it can crack tile, grout, and concrete, which of course no one wants. By splitting your water lines, we can make sure both systems are running optimally.

Are there different kinds of boilers, and what is the best boiler for Albuquerque homes?

Yes, there are three main kinds of boilers—cast iron, Copper-Fin, and stainless steel. Each have their own strengths so one kind is not necessarily best. But, each requires their own set-up and maintenance to run optimally and to get the most out of their lifespan. Our experienced technicians know how to evaluate your current boiler and make sure it’s set up to reach its maximum lifespan.

Whether you have questions about your current boiler, or want to know about hydronic heat for your home or business, please contact our knowledgeable team at Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today!