Considering Mini Splits for Your Albuquerque Cooling System?

Do you have rooms in your home that are difficult to cool because they get a ton of direct sunlight or have a lot of windows? Do you have radiant heating and want to be able to control the cooling in each room in your home as well as the heat? These are issues we see a lot and a solution we love to set our customers up with is mini splits for their Albuquerque homes and businesses.

What are Mini Splits and How Do They Help Cool Your Home?

There are lots of applications for mini splits—getting AC over to a guest house or casita, custom cooling for large homes (think 3,000-5,000 square foot homes) with radiant heat, and for homes with swamp coolers that aren’t cooling the whole home effectively. Mini-splits allow for a much more customizable solution for heating and cooling. Whether you need to just cool one room that gets too hot, or you need to provide cooling to a whole house that doesn’t have an adequate duct system (often the result of using a swamp cooler and radiant heat) mini splits are the solution.

Albuquerque’s Ductless Cooling System of Choice

When Bosque installs mini-splits (sometimes called ductless cooling systems), homes and businesses can control heating and cooling in zones, based on where the units are placed. On top of that, they don’t need a duct system to operate, and they are very energy efficient. Imagine not having to cool your entire home just to get the hottest room to a comfortable temperature!

My home runs on a swamp cooler. How can mini-splits help me cool my home?

Mini splits are ideal for homes with swamp coolers. Often, these homes don’t have adequate duct systems so converting to AC isn’t a great option without redoing or bringing in completely new ductwork. But what we can do is install mini splits in each room to better regulate the air.

What are the industrial uses of ductless mini-splits in Albuquerque?

One common use for mini splits is an industrial setting is to cool server rooms. Obviously server rooms need to be kept at a cool temperature all the time because overheated servers result in outages. Mini splits are ideal for server rooms because they operate independently of the air conditioning in the rest of the building. They provide a steady and constant source of cooling.

Do you need a heating and cooling solution for your home or business that allows for customizable temperature control? Contact Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to see if mini splits are right for you.