Swamp Cooler Conversion in Albuquerque, NM

Today, swamp coolers are a thing of the past. But many homes built in previous decades still have them. And the main trouble people have with evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) is that they simply don’t get homes cool enough in the hottest days of summer. They’re only able to get a home about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. And obviously, that’s not a comfortable indoor temperature when it’s 105° outside and 85° in the house. If you’re tired of your swamp cooler, swamp cooler conversion may very well be an option for you!

Getting Started with a Swamp Cooler Conversion

There are lots of factors that play into a swamp cooler conversion. And luckily, our trained technicians know exactly what to look for when it comes to converting your swamp cooler to refrigerated air. Some homes with swamp coolers don’t have adequate duct systems to support AC, so first, we need to determine if you’ll need ductwork installation to support an AC. 

We also need to check if your electric panel to see if it supports the conversion or if you’ll need some upgrades there too. And another factor the layout of the home. Our technicians analyze if the design would allow for any additional ductwork needed.

Swamp Cooler Conversion Option in Albuquerque

If your home or business is a good candidate for a swamp cooler to AC conversion, we can absolutely help. But even if there are obstacles (like lack of ducts or incompatible layout), we can also set you up with a ductless system, using mini splits to get cool air to each room in your home.

Will it be cost-efficient for me to convert to AC?

We’ll do a cost-per-square-foot analysis of your home so you can make a decision that makes financial sense for you. In most cases, with the energy-efficient technology that is available today, it is more cost-effective to have AC than a swamp cooler.

Are there any health benefits to switching to refrigerated air?

Yes, there certainly are potential health benefits to a swamp cooler conversion. Swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, use water evaporation to cool the air. If not properly maintained, over time, you risk mold getting into the air and face other risks to indoor air quality. Switching to air conditioning potentially improves the air quality in your home, or at least removes the risk of mold.