Looking for a Heat Pump for an Albuquerque Home?

With all the growing technology surrounding HVAC services, one request we are getting more and more is for heat pumps. Unfamiliar with heat pumps as a heating solution for your Albuquerque home? Heat pumps are essentially like mini splits—a stand-alone unit that heats up air through coils to heat your home. We also see older heat pumps that aren’t providing satisfying heating to Albuquerque homes, so that is why Bosque also offers heat pump repair and replacement.

Heat Pump Replacement in Albuquerque

While we have hot, desert summers, we also get cold winters and so often, older heat pumps don’t quite do the trick for heating Albuquerque homes. Traditional heat pumps work by bringing in outside air and heating it up. So when the air is only 32 degrees outside, this doesn’t provide much heat for inside the home. Newer models, however, work off on an inverter compressor that spins at 7,000 RPMs. This compressor creates enough heat in and of itself to heat your home. Often, we replace heat pumps in older homes with a newer model of heat pump, and then the homes are easily able to maintain comfortable, heated temperatures in the winter.

Albuquerque Heat Pump Installation

With a variety of options available for heating a home or business, heat pumps, or mini splits, are a favorite for those who want customizable heat control in different zones or rooms of the home. If your home does not have radiant heat or a furnace, chances are, it’s heated by a heat pump. For new builds, renovations, and additions, we’d love to set you up with a heat pump system to keep your space warm.

Are heat pumps and mini-splits the same thing?

Yes, and no. Traditional heat pumps still use a duct system while mini splits are ductless. However, nowadays, they work in tandem or the same mini-split unit does both heating and cooling. Just like an AC unit and a furnace use the same duct system to propel heated or cooled air into your home, mini splits and heat pumps produce both heated and cooled air for your home or business.

Needing someone to take a look at your older heat pump for repairs or replacement? Or consider a more cost-effective way to heat your home? Let the technicians at Bosque take a look at your current heating system and let you know what your options are for upgrading, replacing, or installing heat pumps to your Albuquerque home.